How Artsy Are You?


I have a secret: I am a frustrated artist.
In my younger years, I have always attempted to express my overly active imagination through drawing. Sadly, the best I could do are stick people (even my clouds are not so nice L) which is why it always amazes me when people can actually take a pen and a paper and just create something spectacular out of nothing!
Sheryll Lugar – Peralta (who I fondly call Miss She) is one of those gifted people. Before I discovered her talent, I knew her as an ESL teacher when I worked in SISC. She is one of the nicest people I know and I have always admired her honesty and loyalty for the people she loves. I have also admired her being a super mom taking care of her two beautiful kids (Sam and Kyle) and her husband! Even before, she has successfully balanced the two worlds.
Recently, Miss She decided to leave Manila (and teaching) move to  Aklan (two hours away from Boracay!!!) to spend more time with her family.
Miss  She with her beautiful family
The big move also allowed Miss She to transition from being a teacher to being a business owner. Fueled by her passion for drawing and doodling, Miss She opened “ARTinPRINT” which is entirely different from teaching but still as fulfilling.
What started as a small online business (for friends and family until a big break where she designed a company’s flyer) blossomed into a store that offers everything personalized: from lamps, car stickers, t-shirts and so much more.
Miss She also continues to use her skills as a teacher in her business by offering Art Classes for the summer.
For Ms. She the greatest thing about ArtinPrint she is able to enjoy and share what she loves with her family. Just like any other mom, being able to watch her kids grow up and flourish in something that she loves to do is certainly a dream come true!
And honestly, I am really happy for her! 
For all her cute doodles and amazing “they can do that?” personalize stuff click on here! Trust me you would want to start giving gifts to every single person you know (I’ve already thought of a few)!  If you are looking for personalized notepads, mugs and what not, you’ve found the right place! She ships to those living outside of Aklan and so go ahead and click, click, click!
Check out her other cute stuff: