We all have ideals.

It doesn’t matter what it’s about or where we got them from– we all have them.

We have the perfect job, perfect relationship and perfect friendships figured out in our head.

And we hold on to these ideals for dear life when we realize that they’re never quite what we imagined them to be.

Being the biggest daydreamer i know, its quite hard to accept that some of my ideals may never come true.

But you know what? It’s okay because God gives you things in life that were better than you imagined, you just have to learn to start seeing them as such.

For one thing, i always thought the greatest love you could feel on earth is the one given by a special person but looking at the people in my life now, love is more than that.

God is love and He is so good that He allows love to manifest in a lot of facets.

Spending time with my family and Franzea has made me appreciate family more. In the little things, God shows how big He is.

Friendships have also become more meaningful to me, it has become more than just texting, facebook wall posts or night outs. My definition of friendship have clearly changed in the past year and i’m happy with the people in my life no matter how many far in betweens we have. The best friendships don’t suffocate, they allow their friends to grow in where God wants them to be.

My definition of the perfect man has changed as well: He must have a relationship with God has become the first priority.

Also, i have come to understand the essence of God’s timing. I am not grumpy or sullen about it but I appreciate it more because in this alone time I am learning essential things that I wouldn’t otherwise learn without going through the process.

I’ve also quit living for the future but instead, i choose to take each day as it comes, just as God has intended.

To live a life that reflects how good He has been and how His love changes even the coldest of hearts.

Have a good and happy week 🙂