It’s not the world’s love story, but it’s mine.


It’s quite impossible to explain because it’s not what society dictates, it cannot be fully explained by the human mind that’s why it’s considered to be foolish.

But that’s how my God works, He can put two seemingly different individuals and make magic happen the only way He can!

And this magic does not include a story line comparable to Dawson and Joey’s but it’s one that’s crafted for you and me, it’s not a relationship but both of us cannot deny that it’s from Him because whenever I think of you, I thank Him.

Looking back, it’s always been crafted to become a great love story! Come on! Meeting you minutes after reading Dear John?!!!

That doesn’t happen twice in a lifetime.

There’s no ending to this story yet and still I thank Him for it because who else in the world but the master storyteller write a story this good?

A story that doesn’t include incessant relationship drama, but a sense of security in knowing that God brought you together and he can bring you together when the time is right.

So run free, do what God wants you to do at this point and when the time is right, we will see each other again and darling trust me when I say it will be better than the last time.