light on a rainy day.


Today it rained like crazy in the Metro. 

As usual, there was crazy flood everywhere and people were just scrambling to get out of the rain.

Just like that summer has decided to leave and the rainy season decided to descend today, leaving everyone else surprised.

It may be because of the bad weather, but today I felt a little blah.

It was truly a lot of things all rolled up into one but basically there are some days when one feels not worthy enough to even be on the planet. It’s just one of those days and sometimes the hole gets deeper as one feels all kinds of self-pitying thoughts.

Shamefully, I let the thoughts consume me the same way the raindrops fell on the pavement.

I thought I was going to sleep with a heavy heart and once again, God intervened and answered my semi prayer of “I want to give up. Send help.”

And help came in the form of a good friend who said that yes, there are difficult days but all it takes is resting and leaving it all in the hands of a God who sees and controls it all.

And it also came through this video, that eventhough I may not have all the answers to all of my problems, but at least I have the peace in knowing that God has a mission perfectly crafted for me.

And the like the geek that I am, I found tears in my eyes because I was reminded that yes, I may not look like a supermodel, but God made me look the way I am for a purpose, that if He wanted me to look like someone else (Miranda Kerr anyone?), He would have but I know deep in my heart that that wouldn’t have pursued the purpose of my life.

But He didn’t. And even on days that my insecurities threaten to eat me up and destroy me, I remember and whisper Psalm 139, reminding myself that this is the way God made me to be and I might as well trust my Creator who knows what truly is best for me.

So to Jonno Rushbrook, even though you may not know me, I am thankful that you took the time to make this video.

It truly did make a difference.

(Video via SheHasWorth.Com)