Little Miss Healthy?


It’s time to give up the pretenses, it’s time to look at the mirror and see myself the way my mirror does.

However, it’s not looking at myself in a deregatory manner because im not a size two.

It’s more of allowing myself to see that i’m not as healthy or as fit as i want to be.

It’s always been a struggle for me because i’ve always done things wrong. I ate too little which led me to eating way too much.

I was a yo-yo dieter and a highly inconsistent excercise person.

I was highly neurotic, constantly counting my calories, basically not living my life. Then i lived my life too much.

So i just stopped.

Until today.

I realized that it has nothing to do with being a size zero, i just want to be fit. i want to eat right and eat healthy.

I want to take care of myself because God wants me to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I also no longer want my body to be a constant foothold of my insecurities, i want to be free from that.

My 22nd year would be the perfect time for me to excellently and holistically become the person God created me to be.