Love & Forgiveness


I am a huge crier. It is also safe to say that I am a huge feeler. No matter how many tapes (neigh podcasts in this day and age) I listen to about not being controlled by my emotions, there are just days when crawl up in a ball and just cry. Like heave and let it all out until your eyes hurt.

I have been trying to love the way Jesus has loved others and I am reminded everyday that it is not the kind of love that I can do it on my own. But there are just days when you sit and wonder what this love was all about.

Forgiveness is possibly such a rare, courageous thing to do.

It is so much easier to be angry on the inside and pretend to have forgiven people on the outside, there are even days when we don’t realize that we still have so much anger inside of us until we break down and have one of those days where nothing inside of us is bright, pretty or beautiful.

I believe that tears purge us from all the pain that is inside and on most days, that is more than enough for us to move on from a situation but sometimes the pain cuts too deep.

It is best to remember that when people judge you or hurt you deeply, it has nothing to do with you, instead it reflects who they are. That no matter how many times they try to hurt you, it is never about you more than it is about them.

Hurt people hurt other people and if you continue to fester in your anger towards another person, in turn you would be the one hurting another.

End this cycle and choose to forgive.

It may not be the easiest thing but always remember that what people say, how people define you or how they react towards you will not define who you are or where you will be in the future.

It’s also about time to stop pleasing people. No matter what you do right or what you do wrong, people will never be completely satisfied until you do things their way– which is safe to say isn’t the best way to get things done either.

So instead of simply worrying about it or crying about it, it is best to let it go and give it to God no matter how painful the words were or how badly you are mistreated.

God is a fair God and will fight for you.

You are beautiful and what people do to you or say to you or say about you, it will never take away the wonderful plans that God has for you.

Stand strong. Great days are ahead.