Love Lessons From My Dad Version 2.0


My love life isn’t all that exciting which makes my dad a very comfortable man.

For one thing, I really don’t meet a lot of guys on a daily basis simply because I spend most of my days with miniature adults or virtual leading men like Ted, Sheldon, Leonard, Tad Hamilton.

I remember my dad quietly approving the first and only one i liked probably because i was a tad taller than him and he seemed harmless.

The second one i liked exactly a year ago, he didn’t.
I think the main reason why that didn’t work was because my dad really disliked the guy in question.

Three months later, I discovered why my dad was against him.

So today during our short grocery trip, my dad reviewed the tips he gave me about two years earlier.

1) If a man wants you, he will let you and the world know.

    –  A man will go exhaust all the means to be with you. My dad even told me that i wouldn’t even have to worry about it because  the guy who really wants to be with me will be calling every single time. My dad also told me that he would show me off to the world. This means holding my hand in public, picking me up from my seat and so on. He would send me tweets and not ignore them. I would have pictures on his profile but not in an overly sweet way but in a way that says the world that yes he is taken.

2) If a man wants you he will look your father in the eye.

   – My dad loves telling me this. He always says, “i don’t like him because he can’t look at me in the eye.” He also told me that the guy who is sure of his feelings will talk to him and not creep behind his back.

3) Never be with a guy who drinks every weekend and puts his friends over family first.

    – My dad absolutely detests guys who do nothing but drink and party. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional social drinking etc but he detests guys who do nothing but that. He loves saying it this way, “mahilig lang sa good time.” 

4) Looks will fade. Principles and values of a man will not.

   – My dad says this in a very loving way, “Wala ka makukuha sa puro porma”, this I have learned the hard way over the years. I learned this particular lesson a year ago with the guy i previously liked. Looks fade and most guys who focus too much on their good looks are simply too busy being vain that they cannot take care of their woman. Usually because of their good looks they think that they’re God’s gift to women and given the ticket to treat them badly.

and his favorite one:

5) A man will be with an easy girl but only until it’s exciting. The time would come and my dad assures that it will come, that he would leave an easy girl for a decent one.

– My dad loves telling me this. He loves telling me that when it’s easy for a guy since he wouldn’t lose anything he’d go ahead and be with a girl. But my dad assures me that when the time comes, the guy would drop the easy girl to be with a girl who is worthy of the pursuit.

Above all, I thank my dad for being the kind of man that he is. By loving my mom he has shown me through his actions what a real man should be like. I also thank him for being a good father because it has stopped me from going out with jerks simply because i get the care and attention that i need right at home.

The right man hasn’t found me yet (yes, he has to do the finding) but i know when the time comes, my dad would be proud when walking me down the aisle simply because he taught me well.