Love, Stargirl.


I rarely wear my heart on any of my networking sites (actually, I don’t) but there are days when I find myself having so much to say but about zero means to say it.

So I turn to the medium that always listens without judgement — my blog.

But before I begin my tirade, this is by no means a way to trick you into falling in like with me nor by any means is it a way to manipulate you into liking me.

In truth, this blog entry is nothing more than that, a blog entry. I am also still a firm believer  of the Maria Clara stance so I don’t think you should be getting any ideas.

Also, this is not a declaration of my ‘love’ for you. It is possibly a declaration of my curiosity, but nothing else.

I have encountered so many people (sorry saying men out loud is way too cheesy, even for me, but whoops there you go) in my life and never have I encountered such a refreshing soul, which is the reason why I’m so skeptical. If I could, I wish I could prick you with a needle just to make sure you are real and not a figment of my Meg Cabot induced hallucination.

I really, truly wish you are for real because in a way, it gives me hope that there is more than just one version of Jeremy Lin floating around in this big world (and also, i’m half hoping that this is not merely your strategy to get girls :s).

But more than slightly lecturing you (I’m sorry!), I am trying to tell you this, if you really are for real then please spend just an added five more minutes of your time to read what’s next.

Genuine men like you are rare, but at the same time, you may also feel as if women who appreciate you and what you stand for are rare as well. But let me tell you one thing, a real woman of God will appreciate you for who you are and refuse to demand for you to be like the men of this world who are a dime a dozen.

Now that’s out there, I am also hoping that one day you will end up with a woman of substance and not just one who is easily swayed by the world. Others may have no idea what I’m talking about, but I know, in my heart that you do.

I hope you are the type of guy who looks beyond the superficial and actually looks at the heart of a woman and see them the way God sees His princesses. Men like you are rare, so I do hope you know that your heart deserves a woman who is rare as well.

And at the end of the day, I truly hope you do wait on God because as you do, He will take your deepest longings and bless you with things you have never even imagined.

And although I’m sort of sure that the woman isn’t me (I have long accepted that I do not fall under the standard Filipino pacute type :p), nothing will make me happier than seeing someone like you end up with your Proverbs 31 woman because I know that this is what God wills for you. She may not be the most beautiful, stylish woman in the room, but she will be the most beautiful one for you simply because God crafted her hand to fit yours perfectly.

And may your story inspire others as well. In due time.