Love the Leap


IT’S the Valentine’s Day weekend and it is only fitting to talk about nothing but love.
Love, in all its shapes, forms, and sizes should always be celebrated. Love is never simply confined by the relationships we do or don’t have in our lives but rather a virtue that must always be present.
In the midst of the happy chaos of our everyday lives, it is important take a step back and see just how present love truly is. A critical part of love we often overlook is our love for ourselves, which is the foundation of the love we relay to the people around us.
Part of loving ourselves is fulfilling what we do and taking risks to become more confident. It has been said that those who are insecure cannot love and this is the reason why should always challenge our selves to be the best version of who we are.
Ginger Arboleda, also known as Mommy Ginger, had a corporate job when she started Manila Workshops in 2012. Initially, she started it as a sideline but when she got pregnant, she decided to quit her 9 to 5 job to focus solely on taking care of herself and her baby during her delicate pregnancy.
The reason for this was that Ginger and her husband were previously told that they could no longer have a baby due to medical reasons. Her pregnancy came as a surprise, which was why she wanted to prioritize having a healthy baby.
Everything was in perfect timing since Manila Workshops turned out to be a very profitable yet purposeful venture for Ginger.
Manila Workshops is an event management services company that provides a venue for individuals to learn more so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals. In a way, Manila Workshops targets people who wish to improve on themselves and their craft, which really is the best gift anyone can give to themselves. Their workshops include lifestyle workshops like parenting workshops, finance management, freelancing, homeschooling and the like.
Ginger shared, “These are the topics they don’t teach you in school but would love to attend because it will make living comfortable, fun, and rewarding.”
Through her experiences with Manila Workshops, Ginger was inspired to begin “Love the Leap.”
The inspiration for Love the Leap is once again founded on self-love, improvement, and taking the risk, “My personal advocacy is really to help those who are adamant and fully committed to creating their own businesses—to provide them with enough knowledge and to share with them the experiences and challenges that I and my other entrepreneur friends had, she explained.”
Love the Leap is a series of workshops that’s meant to fuel and inspire budding entrepreneurs to take a leap of their own. She noted, “It’s scary, especially when you have no knowledge or no one to guide you on what you’re supposed to do.”
Ginger, along with her team, aim to empower others by giving them the tools and knowledge that they need to truly excel in what they do.
Ginger’s leap is an example of what happens when you encourage yourself to do something new, you create a bigger version of yourself and inspire others to do the same.
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