i was just wondering why when someone hurts us, we always feel that we deserve it. we feel that somehow, it was something that was bound to happen.

but you know we have to let it go at one point, because truth is, yes you don’t deserve it.

you don’t deserve it because whoever came up with the lie that you don’t deserve to be with the guy who isn’t even man enough to admit to his feelings is a lie.

you’re wonderful, that’s why he settled for less because he knows that he’s too insecure or too afraid to admit what he’s really feeling.

Girls, step up.

You deserve the best and a guy who goes for second best just because he’s afraid you’d reject him doesn’t deserve any of you, not even your tears.

Rejection doesn’t mean that you’re not worth anything, it just simply means that you are worth so much more. That’s the truth, accept it. You are too beautiful and too wonderful for him.