Monsters & Candies


Now, I know what they meant when they said that beauty is more than skin deep. 
That while the physical is what initially captures the eye, a sense of humor and a great character makes someone endearing over time. 
I’ve had my fair share of candies. You know beautiful on the outside but all air on the inside. Perfect on paper, and I’m quoting Rihanna for a bit here, a monster when the lights are turned off. I’ve been lured by a good degree, great family background, a “flashy” career, and even by their “almost perfect” social networking accounts. I’ve been living way too much in the land of Hilary Duff et all without realizing that in reality, some diamonds are really in the rough. 
God knows I’ve been tricked more times than I can count by men who seemed perfect, but once I get close they turn into entitled womanizers who don’t know anything about self love, or at the very least, self respect. 
But thank God I’ve seen the difference, and not just in men, but in people in general. I have just come to realize that beautiful people are beautiful because they have substance, and they’ve been through things that have honed them to be caring, kind, and compassionate. These are the things that matter and the things that are admirable. Things I may have missed for a pretty set of eyes, but thanking God He saved me from that life of debauchery. 
Now, I see people the way the Little Prince does– using my heart, and so far it’s been doing me good.