Obsessed with Worry


as human beings, we are wired to worry.

every day we face news that are horrifically terrifying we wonder how we can even leave the confinements of our homes.

we double check the locks of our homes and throw salts everywhere to make sure that we’ve got it covered.

however, the thing about worry is, it doesn’t really do anything. it basically makes you focus on something that is quite impossible to happen and yet in our over analytical minds (or probably just mine) we think of all the options and probably how we’d feel when these things happen (if they actually would, but so far none of my worries have come true).

while reading the book, the good and beautiful life by James Bryan Smith, he challenged our society’s obsession with worry. while there is nothing wrong with being cautious, James Bryan Smith insists on the fact that in the Bible, it has been stated so many times that we shouldn’t worry.

In the book of Matthew, a verse in the sixth chapter  encourages to simply focus on what’s happening at this very moment in our lives is a favorite and yet we spend countless nights wide awake and restless.

James Bryan Smith proceeds to explain why we hold on to worry so much. In our minds we’re subconsciously wired to think that the more we worry, the more we can control the situation.

Most of us think that because we worried constantly about something, that something did not happen. It may seem a bit far fetched but think about it, is this the reason why you are worrying yourself crazy all the time?  To superstitiously protect yourself from something?

in truth, all the days of our lives are already made known by the Creator of the Universe and as long as we obey Him and stay in tune with His truth then there is nothing to worry about, and i mean it, absolutely nothing, we must always remember that although there are horrendous things happening in the world today, we are protected not because we are perfect but because God is. 

it is safe to say that God is not only good but He also loves us– which means that no harm could ever come our way simply because God loves us so much and He has all the power in the Universe to protect us from whatever evil is in this world.

I do understand that we have been a product of a culture of worry and it is quite difficult to get out of it, especially if we have spent countless hours nursing it.

But today, maybe you should start small. Worry a little less, any time you are caught in frantic worry, take a moment of silence and pray to God about whatever it is that you are worried about and from there, feel His peace that is above all understanding, a peace that only God can give.

Rest easy. He’s got it covered.