October 28, 2010: A day filled with love


The best thing that happened today couldn’t be summed up by a picture or rather, pictures.

Today, in the middle of doing my report, I stopped and decided that it was time to stop hiding people from the past.
So I went on my facebook account and slowly, but surely deleted my block list.
There it was, I was a free agent on facebook, I could easily (with a few clicks) bump into that someone from the past or friends who have hurt me but it didn’t hurt as much, actually it didn’t hurt anymore.
I came across the person who left me with a huge scar and decided that i no longer felt anything for him, not love, not anger, nothing.
I just felt freedom and I cried because finally it was over.
And i could only look forward to greater blessings from God as I dig deeper into His word.
Definitely moving forward.