Of Monsters and Men…


When you’re 25 and you’re meeting new people, it is likely that they ask you the following questions:

1) Are you done with school? (I am getting to the age where I can actually appreciate this question!)
2) What do you do? (We just met, why do you need to know!)
3) Are you married? (Seriously, we fought for women’s rights to be married at 20!)
4) Proceeded by a “Why not?” and soon followed by a “So who are you dating?”

I still wonder really why my love life (or lack thereof) is such an interesting topic for the people I meet and why they feel it’s a big deal that I’m not seeing anyone. Sometimes, I get tired of asking the same questions over and over again (doesn’t it get lonely? maybe you’re intimidating? maybe you’re not being friendly enough?). I try my best to steer the conversation, but somehow it always lands to that big sullen question.

The endless tirade of questions make me wonder why I bother answering them and why I try to explain what I vowed I’d do (or keep, however you may want to look at it) since I was sixteen. I’ve learned that it’s not a good thing to broadcast it to everyone who asks (another reason why I have stopped answering these questions).

But for all intent and purposes (and while my phone is charging and I can’t read Attachments), I decided to touch on this topic more for the fun of it rather than making a statement.

And while I have not fully committed to anyone (walls with drawbridges to keep them away), I’ve had my fair share of encounters with certain men (mostly from my friends’ stories and far away infatuations) to know that they are nothing like what the Brat Pack defined them as.

Yes, I have been fooled into thinking that real Nathan Scotts exist and have been traumatized by the numerous stories I’ve heard first hand of how evil (again, don’t take this entry seriously) they truly can be.

1) The Nathan Scott

     Ah! My favorite kind. If someone were to ask me to describe my dream boy, I would be quick to describe Nathan Scott – the one who changed for Hailey. Well, I’ve met a lot of pre- Hailey Nathans and haven’t met anyone who actually changed for Hailey. I know all that yada about not expecting anyone to change for you, but come on, when does the playa ever stop plaaying! Get your issues together son and come back when you’re done sorting them out.

2) The Dork aka Joseph Gordon Levitt

    Here’s a secret: they only pretend to be dorks. Most of the time, they’re hidden Nathan Scotts trying to catch an actress/ model / beauty queen to boost their social status without realizing they can actually do that on their own by working extremely hard. JGL and Atom Araullo are two in two million.

3) The Best Friend / The Boy Next Door 
     I actually don’t have a bad experience with Dawson Leery. Most people have said that best friends turn into the best boyfriends. Although with me, best guy friends are that – best guy friends. I have yet to experience that click and that turn. But really, is it worth losing awesome friends over?

4) The Bad Boy

     Ah! The bad boys. The bad boys. Actually I don’t know why I put them on the list. Maybe my OC tendency to make a list at least five? But I’ve never encountered a bad boy. I’m trying to wreck my brain but nada, zilch. I’ve always been afraid of them so next… (But let me just say, being broken by the bad boy doesn’t sting as much as compared to getting hurt by the next one on the list…)

5) The Golden Boy

    God knows I’ve been broken by the ultimate golden boy (yep, no clue to be given). Aside from constantly going for the Nathan Scotts of the world, I have also fallen hook, line, and sinker for the golden boy. The boys who look SO SO good on paper. They have good degrees (and even honors under their names), they treat their moms right (ay, in public lang pala), and even (gasp!) appear to be compassionate and kind. I think more than anyone on the list, girls should be careful with this type, simply because you don’t know who they turn into when the doors are closed and the adoring public are gone.

But, despite the many mismatches, it amazes me how one can actually be the perfect match for someone else. And while some of them have been complete monsters (still are! whoops!) when I met them, seeing them turn into a beautiful less monster-y character around their one great love. So, I guess just like what Ally Mc Beal said, even if it doesn’t happen for me, I’m happy it still happens for other people and despite my tirade, I do believe that it’s an extremely wonderful thing.

And I pray, that no matter how hurt you’ve been by the men on the list — know that God has someone perfect for you. That person maybe a monster to the one he’s not meant to be with, but he will be the prince you have been waiting for. But the only way to meet him is if you let go of the monster you’re with now. And while it’s easy to constantly gripe about how hurt we’ve been, the best way to get over it is to stop crying about it. Let your last tears fall and believe that it all works out  — because the wonderful thing in meeting all these toads is that among them there really is a Prince out there for you. In the meantime, focus on cleaning out the wreckage done by the monsters, and focus on other things – -there are so many glorious things in the world to focus on and so many other people who need your love and attention.

God, I haven’t had a cheesy entry in ages — so enjoy this while you can hidden romantics and let it inspire you to not be bitter ha ha ha!