It has been said that to be at the right time at exactly the right time with the right people requires a different kind of favor, that of which that comes from God. Ever since I started working, I have always prayed to God to open the right doors for me and close the wrong ones simply because making a choice always left me scared.

So my life’s choices have been quite simple: walk into the open doors simply because the wrong doors are closed shut. This has also been true in other parts of my life. I’ve always had blind faith that God will provide the right people and the right opportunities at the right time.

However, closed doors are not always accepted with a kind and gracious heart. In the past week alone, I have had two opportunities shut in front of my face without warning. They were already projects that were raring to go, projects that I have waited for my entire life, and just when they were going to jump start, they went kaput.

It left me tossing and turning over the weekend. How could these opportunities slip from my fingers? Was it something I did? Is there something else that I could have done better?

But in all my asking, I stopped for a minute and tried to figure out what it was that God was telling me. It has been a season of blessings and challenges, just pretty much like any season of life. And as in anything, the blessings don’t negate the challenges but in all times, we must learn to rest and let God take over.

I may never have an answer as to why the opportunities were taken out of my hands but I still firmly believe that God has the perfect timing for all things. I grieve for the lost opportunities but I am also thankful for moments I have to myself, something much needed right now.

So for today, I weep and let it go. And then tomorrow, I pray for new opportunities to come my way.