Contrary to what most people think I am actually an introvert. 

While my job requires me countless hours to be with people, my actual disposition is that of a hermit who relishes in quiet time. 
For years, time away from people was spent in a quiet cocoon typing away furiously as I shared my deepest thoughts in this very blog. 
Life, however, took a radical turn in the past two months but as Pastor Steven said, “don’t tell your story so soon” so it took awhile for me to digest, ingest, and process the new season of my life. 
To say that 2016 is a year of transition is an understatement. In the past two months, I have moved out of a job I thought I loved, married the man of my dreams, and moved from being an extremely single lady into a very much married woman. 
There are many things to discuss and talk about but it requires a lot of dedication and focus so allow me to relish for awhile and I’ll be back with stories I waited a lifetime to share.