Project 365 (2): Day Five


July 21, 2011

Dear 20 Year Old Me,

I didn’t realize that it has been three years. I have been coursing through life, day in and day out, making the best of what God has given me at the moment without realizing that there’s still that little part of you that you haven’t fully surrendered to God yet.

Now is the time for you to let it go because trust me, even now, three years later, you still don’t have the answers to your questions or you do, but they’re not the answers you want so you choose to deny them.

I wish you knew the things I know now. I wish you knew that your self-worth is not tied to what other people say about you or who you’re dating (or what the person you’re dating is saying about you).

Truth is, even if you’re 23 you may never understand why things happened but know that God never left you, that whatever the devil meant for evil,  He turned it around for your good.

This is the reason why I can write to you three years later ever so boldly telling you that yes you haven’t made the best decisions but don’t worry, God redeem just about anything.

So, let is go. Let that person go.

It’s time to set yourself (and me) free.

There are only good things ahead.