It’s like a really bad trend.

Guys who don’t respect you enough to ask you out on a real date and so you settle for “being just friends” or “hanging out” simply because you think that the friendship can turn into something better.

So whenever he needs a proxy date, you drop everything else and spend time with him. This goes on for weeks without any real progress until bam, he meets a girl who wouldn’t settle for just “hanging out” and suddenly he’s head over heels.

So whatever happened to the possibility of the two of you? Done. Nada. Zilch.

Truth is… girls we spend most of our times complaining about the guys we meet, about how many jerks we meet, those who lead us on then leave us without a moment’s notice but have we ever asked ourselves why we have allowed such behavior?

in truth girls, when you give everything you can give on the first few months without so much so a commitment from him, he would never, let me tell you, never settle down with you simply because he knows that you are always there for me.

Men are hunters. They do act civilized in their coats, ties and sassy gadgets but they’re still hunters by nature, so when you don’t allow them to hunt or chase after you you basically bore them and send them running the other way.

Guys make the first move. This is the only way you know if their feelings are legit. They only take the risk if they think you are worth the risk– there’s not much sense in chasing after someone who has already dropped everything for them in the first place.

I don’t mean to be judgmental, I am not proud of it, but I have done my fair share of “dropping hints” and “luring the catch” but in truth, it never worked out. 

My broken heart would always long for the relationships where the women were pursued relentlessly and then I realized that that was the way God designed my heart– to be pursed and not to be taken advantage of.

God pursues us with so much passion, fervor and love… How can we accept anything less from the man He has designed for us?