it’s finally here, the day that i’ve been waiting for since the first day of December. It’s finally finally the Christmas break.
I have no intentions of plugging my hard drive in because I really have no intentions of studying or working during the break (yes, i can resist this time around). I simply plan to catch up on Glee, read a thousand books and sleep, oh the glorious call of sleep. I also plan to spend countless hours mindlessely channel surfing and staring off to space. I have no intentions of becoming stressed, angry, mad or bitchy.
I have plans to be as free as I was when I was in second grade.
So to make this day memorable, I blogged about it. The year that was was pretty good. Work was better than last year and there are some things I wouldn’t dare exchange anything for.
it’s been a good year now let’s party (in my case, dvd marathons and countless hours in bookstores! yaay!)