Rah Rah Me


Okay staying at home means more time to think and blog! So here goes another one for today.

In the past few days, I may or may have not spoken to a few girls who always felt that they were not “good enough” and it broke my heart because these girls were beautiful, smart and witty. I have also come across stories about bullying and whatnot and it made me realize that it only has one root: insecurity.

I believe it’s really normal for one to have insecurities, we don’t want to be prideful and think we have it all together but did we ever realize that being extremely critical of ourselves is a form of pride too? I have read somewhere that self-pity is on the opposite spectrum of pride and the effects are quite as harmful.

In a weepy, PMS state over the weekend, my baby brother kindly(?) reminded me that nobody can take away the security that I have about myself.

My baby brother is no longer a baby! He gives the best advice in the world!

So it doesn’t matter that if I am not:

a) instagram pretty
b) chinita
c) 5 foot 3

As long as I think I’m beautiful then I would always be.

Ever since I was a little child I have been told that beauty comes from a beautiful and kind heart. I’ve always doubted this simply because nice girls are always treated like doormats then that’s when I realized that there should be a different kind of balance and this only comes from knowing your worth. If you’re confident and secure in who you are, nobody can walk all over you simply because you won’t allow them to.

It is such a cliche, but it is safe to say that in order to weather a lot of things in this life, you have to be your own personal cheerleader!

Confidence is the magical pixie dust that each of us carry but hardly use.

People often confuse arrogance with confidence which isn’t really true because in order for us to serve others, we have to be humble enough to know that even if we serve, our worth does not diminish. True confidence is knowing who we belong to and not insulting ourselves because it may seem like a cliche but that means we’re insulting the Father who created us!

Yes, we may not be skinny, small, instagramgenic (hey! i heard truly beautiful people are NOT photogenic- HAHA!) chinita or attracting a lot of guys to our doorstep but hey that doesn’t mean that YOU ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE YOU ARE!

Your laughter makes your beautiful. Your kindness makes you beautiful. Your ability to still be able to smile after a hectic day at work or in school makes you beautiful. Your love for God makes you beautiful and worth admiring! 

You see beauty DOES fade in time and no matter what you do, you cannot hold on to it, but what I’ve learned is that beauty that comes from a heart that serves God lasts a lifetime and it may or may not be easy to believe now but trust me when I say that life is going to be so much better when you become your own personal cheerleader instead of your own worst critic.

It’s also important to surround yourself with people who love you for who you are. If you are with someone who constantly brings you down or constantly tells you to lose weight then lose that jerk and NOT YOURSELF. God will always send you people who would love you for you who are and your energy will be better spent being with them rather than standing on the weighing scale.

God has blessed me with people who love me, but believe me when I say that there was a time when my life  that I was surrounded by negative people who only brought me down so now I know the difference between being with people who want you to be someone else and being people who love you regardless! (ten thousand points for my ability to rhyme, take that, eminem!)

There is so much freedom in loving the person that you are!

It’s like when a butterfly emerges from the cocoon– it’s natural and there’s no struggle at all. It just feels like you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be and you’re not constantly looking over your shoulder wondering if people would leave if you’re no longer the smartest, the prettiest or the richest. You just know that they would stay, no matter what and you know that these are the relationships God has intended for you from the beginning.

So if you’re reading this via the link I sent: I would personally like to thank you for loving me for me! It’s a great blessing to be loved by you! 🙂

When you learn to correlate beauty with the things of the heart, love takes on an entirely different level. It’s no longer about what someone can do for me or my popularity (if someone’s pretty, I get plus points or more likes on Instagram — sorry may galit lang talaga sa Instagram!! HAHAHA!) or what I can get, beauty becomes something that is well celebrated because people have been good to you and you just want to bask in that celebration of goodness for a really long time.

And in the midst of this kind of beauty, you thank God for making it all possible and you get that tingly feeling at the bottom of your spine because God has been faithful to you and will continue to be so and you see this every time you’re with the people you love.

Once you get to experience that beauty and that kind of love, you no longer see and judge people based on what they look like on an instagram picture (last na, promise!) instead you see them the way God intends you to see them: beautiful because they (like you) are His and because of their kind hearts.

The kind of beauty that lasts.

So just in case you felt a bit ho-de-da today about the way you look, please know that the God who created you is a God of beauty and nothing and I do mean nothing He made is ugly and that includes you!

So what else are we waiting for? Let’s get our cheer on! We are worth celebrating!!

My favorite Audrey Hepburn quote! So true so girls stay happy and stay pretty!