Redefining Success and Your Life’s Masterpiece


“Remember this, nothing happens to you but everything happens for you. When something takes place in your life that seems to work against you, think again. Maybe God is just working behind the scenes and planning something grand for you.” – Marianne Mencias, What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece
I’ve been thinking a lot about success lately. For the longest time, I found myself defining success the same way the world has — “titles, degrees, investment, money, public speaking skills and being number one.”
But events that have transpired lately have made me question my beliefs about it. Is a good man’s success only limited by his title? Is success just measured by the amount of money I make? Am I not successful because I chose a different path?
Contemplating about success has led me to some astonishing conclusions.
For one thing, success is not just about the title of a man, but in how he treats those under him. A leader is not about being an aggressor. Being a leader is knowing that your past life experiences, your knowledge about your field, and your passion can serve as an encouragement to those who wish to achieve the same things you have. Most people have associated success with getting without realizing that it’s a good position to be giving.
Success is also about finding your purpose. As I’ve written in my Father’s Day article, my dad has amazing achievements to boot and have received notable “titles” in his lifetime, but what makes him a success is not found in those titles or achievements. His success is found in the lives of the people he has encouraged both on and off the court, beyond the spotlight, and sometimes, even without a thank you. But my dad’s character has proven that when you have a purpose in life and you pursue it, you win.
Helping people find their purpose is the exuberant Marianne Mencias, author of the book, “What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece?” The book, which features, ten world class Filipinos trumps the belief that there is only one cookie cutter way to success. In fact, Marianne discusses and inspires by saying that you were given your own personal puzzle pieces for a reason. Creating your life’s masterpiece begins by understanding your strengths and knowing that even if it differs from another, it doesn’t lessen its positive impact in the world if you use it well.

She is quick to say, “Success is not only for the limited few, it belongs to all of us, waiting to be claimed if we are only true to who we are and what we love.” Her enlightening book reminds one is already successful the moment they pursue their life’s calling by actively going after the things they love and the things they’re good at.
Most of the time, we fear the very things we’re good at simply because the world tells us we’ll never reach success if we pursue them. However, we forget, that the only way we can truly be successful is to be true to ourselves, and in turn, it is this that allows us to go forth in the world and truly make a difference.
What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece will be launched on July 31, 2014 in a unique book launch for cause supporting Gawad Kalinga and Hapinoy. For more information, you may like What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece on Facebook or email