There are a lot of things that anger me.

But I should know better than let my anger get the best of me, however, it does lure its head every once in awhile.

Actually, anger in itself isn’t a bad thing, however, our reaction to anger is.

Out of impulse, anger can be extremely dangerous, which is why it must be dealt with accordingly.

For several years, I had difficulty in dealing with my anger outbursts and its consequences and there were also years wherein I just held all my anger in, which wasn’t healthy as well.

Most of the time, anger roots from a deeper wound that has not properly healed. Once the main issue is handled, we will also see how easier it is to deal with anger in a healthy manner.

A friend reminded me earlier that at the end of the day, all it takes is respect.

Respect for another who maybe the exact opposite of who we are, and just like what Jesus exemplified, live a life of love and yes this love takes the word “regardless” very seriously.

I can only pray, through Christ, that love overpowers anger and my belief of what I think is right (which may be skewed) on any given day.