relentless love


Offense creates defense.

A term more well-suited for basketball than in relationships, but lately that’s how I’ve given myself in relationships. It may be unfair to put up so many walls for the new people in my life simply because the old ones have created scars that are quite difficult to forget.

However, I have learned that putting up walls and not letting anyone in is not the way to go.

Maybe if there’s anything I learned in the past three weeks is the fact that there are no perfect people, no perfect friends and most especially no perfect significant other.

It must be a shame to relentlessly believe the good in people but if i refuse to believe the good in people then what good are relationships for?

It was quite a challenging three weeks for me, I was being pulled away by my sometimes unrealistically high expectations of people and a heart that simply wanted to run away.

I once again wanted to hide in my shell and not give my heart in relationships simply because I learned that it is better to stay away.

However, I recall the times that He took me back even when I have run away from him and towards a lifestyle that did not please Him at all. I recalled the times I refused Him to satisfy my own desires and I have come to realize that if He gave up on me, where would I be now?

His love has no expectations. He loves me and doesn’t expect anything in return because that’s how perfect His love is.

As a human being, I have failed considerably. Once again, I was caught up in my own selfish desires and what I think I wasn’t getting instead on focusing on what I could give.

I keep forgetting about the kind of love that does not expect and the kind of love that loves just because.

It’s a liberating kind of love because since we are not caught up in getting what we want, since we are not counting the mistakes against us or the expectations that are not met, we’re not awake at night thinking of what we don’t have.

Love, real love is highly liberating and through Him, we can love people for what they are and not for what we want or expect them to be.