Returning Home


As I write this, I am already parked in my good ole bedroom trying to fight off jetlag the only way I know how: by sending random messages to good friends and watching the sordid flicks of the early 00s.

It has been a month and a week since I left for my grand adventure in the States an to be perfectly honest, the 13 hour flight back home felt extremely sad. For someone who said she loved her life in Manila just a month ago, this is creating extreme anxiety in me. I know in my heart that I need to be where I am but somehow, I can’t help but miss the person I was while in the States. The person was carefree and not laden with rules. She acted on what she felt like and to come home and be cautious once again because this is the reality of my life feels a bit like my entire world is closing in.

But maybe this is just the jetlag speaking or maybe not but maybe if I wish for things to change, I have to change them myself. So maybe that’s what I should do and hopefully tomorrow, I will enjoy Manila more but for now, I weep.