Rhythms of His Grace


Most people think that just because you’re actively pursuing a relationship with Jesus means that you’re perfect all the time or that you never make mistakes.

In truth, having Jesus in my heart means that i’m always praying that i don’t mess things but my human nature basically prevents me from doing so.

And in a way, i am grateful because i am only as good as my weakest link and the enemy knows when and how to attack.

So eventhough i have Jesus in my heart, it is only by His grace that i am stable everyday. Without Jesus, i would definitely be a walking time bomb still.

Yes i am not perfect and everyday i am thankful for grace, however this does not give me an excuse to just live life carelessly. However, i am limited by my human nature, extra grateful for God’s goodness.

His grace is sufficient and everyday im blessed to say that i may get it wrong but Jesus’ blood is enough to correct and save me everytime.