Roaring for 2015


It’s the last Sunday of the year and as “Bianca” tradition would have it, I am listing down the most important things I learned this year. I’m grateful for the fact that this year instead of writing this on my blog, I am sharing it on a legit newspaper. So sending out my love and thanks to those who made it possible: Monica, Euden, and of course, the inspiring, Ms. Tessa. God is truly good and I hope that as you close 2014, you are also listing down things that made you happy this year.
Surround yourself with people who love you enough to tell you the truth. I used to be extremely insecure and this is the reason why I don’t welcome criticism of any sort. And while I understand that some people “hate” just to “hate”, they are genuine people who love you enough to tell you when you’re being destructive to others and yourself. Cherish the people who tell you the truth because they’re the ones who will ultimately make you a better person.
Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. For most women, myself included, the battle with our weight is never ending. However, the battle isn’t really with our scales or even our mirrors, but how we are on the inside. Winning the battle has nothing to do with winning over carbs or spending 10,000,000 hours in the gym, but in accepting who you are just as God made you to be and from there, choosing to better yourself in whatever way you see fit. You are loved, don’t ever forget that.
Welcome new people and don’t be afraid to discard friendships that make you feel bad about yourself. We’ve been told to not burn bridges, but if people are toxic or if you’re constantly trying to prove yourself to them, it’s wise to just let certain friendships and relationships go. If you’re not loved for who you are and if you have to look a certain way in order to be appreciated, then it’s best to walk away. In line with this, don’t be afraid to open up to new people. The most unlikely people bring about the best surprises.
You have a choice. It’s safe to say that 2014 brought about a lot of trials for my family and I. There was a lot of betrayal from people we trusted and loved and personally, a lot of rejection from people I’ve held in high esteem. However, these situations made me realize that life is a choice: I can choose to be angry, mad, and bitter or I can choose to find the lessons, apply them to my life, and move on without wishing them harm.
All things, whether good or bad, has a purpose. In line with the last point, this year proved that even though things are the worst they’ve ever been, there’s still something good that will come out of it. Cliché as it may sound, my darkest days (and boy I’ve had them this year) has produced in me a strength I never thought possible. God is good and never would he cause you harm, just trust Him through your dark times and you’ll see the purpose behind all of it one day.

Wishing you all a God-filled 2015 peppered with answered prayers, peace, joy, good health, and most importantly, miracles. The best is yet to come.