Style With A Twist


My baby brother, Carl, hates and I mean hates (borderline abhor!) it when I wear high heels. Even my dad doesn’t get it and my friends don’t either. Most of them say my 5’8 frame should remain in flats but I never really felt edgy in them until I came across Butterfly Twists!

My “I’m not really boring” Christina pair!

Olivia is perfect for my no fuss style!

Now my feet no longer have to hurt (man, those heels are truly a sacrifice for me!) and I no longer trip all the time (yup, obviously I could never balance in those things!). I once thought that I’d have to sacrifice style (I do like my feet to look cute!) for comfort but Butterfly Twist found the perfect blend of style and comfort and here’s a secret I just found out: flats actually make the ankles look skinnier therefore projecting a slender leg look! (Added bonus!)

I have also discovered that I could take as many as three pairs with me (perfect to move from ordinary office day to a lunch meeting to a basketball game!) without a fuss simply because it’s foldable! Okay, I’m super babaw but that really excites me! No more boring feet!

In addition to that, they also have foldable boots! I have always wanted to try wear boots (ala Lauren Conrad or Hilary Duff) but never had the guts to do so until I saw this pretty pair:

So now I can actually enjoy dressing up without the pressure of extremely high heels and while I may be keeping a few for a few special nights here and there, I wouldn’t mind wearing these babies everyday!