I’m a creature of habit.

I don’t like shaking up things that are perfectly fine from my perspective.

I’ve always been sort of superstitious as well (which is baad!), however, I have come to realize that many things in my life will change (for the good) whether or not I change the layout of my blog or twitter account so I might as well just grow up and change that.

So to celebrate the many beautiful things in my life and to toast all that has been, I change the layout of my blog to something as simple and as clean as this one. I may or may not change it in the future (the future might be tomorrow, who knows?) but for today, this very clean looking blog is basically symbolizes a clean break (ah, get it? get it? haha!) from all that has not been so good in my life.

It also symbolizes my optimism in the beauty of the adventures ahead.

I have also come to realize that taking down my super favorite (it’s still the wallpaper of my phone, can’t let go of that one just yet!) wallpaper doesn’t mean I love Jesus less. Actually it’s an indication that I love and hopefully know Him more because now I know that His blessings for me is not dependent on some wallpaper but basically on what He did for me (and never what I do or don’t do for Him!).

I’m a bit sentimental, but at the same way extremely hopeful.

Excuse the cheese ball but new chapters make me feel a bit giddy and make me cry a bit. I always get excited over what God has in store for us next because He is progressive and I declare and believe that these pages will grace even greater testimonies of His goodness.

But, until then I celebrate in this mini-triumph of being able to navigate through all this tools on my own.

So, together, faithful reader, let’s tread the world of words together once again 🙂