“God is educating you, that is why you must never drop out. He is treating you as children. This trouble isn’t punishment, it’s training.” – Hebrews 12:6


Even in school, we never liked it. I remember clearly when I would detest exams and spend hours preparing for it, however when the final bell chimes, the feeling is inexplicable.

Today, I realized it is the same with life although on a much higher arena.

In life, unlike in school, you don’t really know what the test is for but as the verse suggests God is training us for something greater.

Of course the end goal is Heaven, God is training us for eternity, but at the same time, we are also being trained for our purpose here on earth.

If God did not have a grand plan for our lives, He would have zapped us out of earth the moment we accepted Jesus into our lives, but He didn’t.

Instead, we are here on earth for a purpose that God intended for us even before our parents fell in love.

Truth is, God has a plan whether it is clear to us yet or not, and the things we go through, no matter how painful, has a purpose in the grand plan.

These things will not harm us because remember God’s mighty hand of protection is upon us at all times.

It might be gut wrenchingly painful right now, but the end goal, the fulfillment of all of your God given dreams is worth all the temporary pain.

So, if you feel like getting overwhelmed by all the hurdles, cry awhile but believe that the greater the test, the greater the reward.

Don’t give up.

I believe that as you read this there is a voice whispering in your head, telling you to keep going because God has something great planned for you, you may not enjoy the training period but you will definitely enjoy the reward at the end of your race.

Just think about the other side. Your pain and circumstances are temporary, keep going, tomorrow could be the day all of your dreams come true.

And don’t worry, you may not feel God’s hand but He is holding you right now guiding you to your promised land.