that other sport i’m in love with…


My love affair with football started when I was six and my dad, who never made me watch Princess Movies except for The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast and Aladdin, decided to make me watch The Little Giants.
After my love affair with ice hockey, I traded in my awesome slippers turned ice skates and opted for pillows and running barefoot (yes with marks under my eyes)  around the house knocking everything over simply (which my little brother also did eventually) thinking i was becky “the icebox” oshea.
Fast forward to eighteen years later and I am still in love with american football, although my interest during my college years dwindled simply because our cable channels are amazing at showing the games live.
So today, I am proud to present to you the other team that is making me go bonkers:
I have always rooted for the underdogs and since I have started following football again this season, Broncos’ miracle wins are nothing but exciting and exhilrating. It also amazes me that star quarter back Tim Tebow chooses to put his fame to good use by making Jesus famous.
I may not know all the technical terms and I am still on my way to relearning the play by play (thanks to my little brother) but that doesn’t make me love it any less. 
I’m such a boy sometimes.