that was eternity


it’s safe to say that i had a good week, mostly uneventful but good. battled with several issues inside my head but nevertheless, i haven’t felt this at peace in weeks.

but i’m really not here to talk about how uneventful each day has been but instead i’m here to talk about this picture that i found on tumblr (care of saree if my memory serves me right) and suddenly, everything that’s been happening to me in the past few weeks made sense.

it doesn’t have to be forever, it doesn’t even have to be contained by this world’s standards or its rules on relationships or happiness.

happiness can happen in one fleeting moment and yet its effect could last forever. just in case everything else falls apart or my expectations doesn’t coincide with my reality (i hear wedding bells-sadly), it’s okay, because for a moment it was mine.

for a moment, it was ours.