The Apologetic Birthday Greeting


It has been said that often we hurt the ones we love the most because we get overly familiar with them and unfortunately, I have hurt someone I love dearly over the weekend.

My dear friend, Jaiza Cosina, celebrated her 24th birthday last Sunday and the date somehow slipped my mind and I forgot to greet her.

And I feel extremely bad because a) I’m not the kind of person who forgets birthdays and b) I love her like a sister so forgetting it was insensitive.

Jaiza is one of the most remarkable people I know, also one of the toughest. She has gone through so many in her younger years and somehow she has emerged a better person because of it.

She maybe a tough shell to crack but she is truly a softy inside, one who does not fail to encourage me on my bad days and my insane dreams. The tough exterior is simply a defense but she’s one of the best people in my life, once the walls are down — she truly is amazing.

I know a blog entry could never make up for missing your birthday (I’m sorry!!!!) but I hope you know that I truly wish you all the great things life has to offer and that you deserve God’s best in all the areas of your life.

That your birthday may have not been good, but you still have 362 days of amazingly awesome days to look forward to!!

I love you 🙂