The Awesome Quiznos Experience


I have a near to impossible goal now that Christmas is nearing and that is to eat healthier.

Which really is impossible because of all the parties that are to come.

Thank God, my awesome friend, Von Lacorte had some common sense in him and brought Quiznos to the South which really is what the South needs: awesome food that doesn’t stop us from wearing shorts everywhere.

I had my first try last Sunday and was by no means dissatisfied. My family and I devoured its offerings (though I haven’t taken Von’s offer of placing crushed Doritos in my sub) and we came home full but not bloated (the best part).

Here’s a few photos from our first try:

Personal Fave: Chicken Carbonara Sub with Peppercorn Sauce.

So what else are you waiting for? Visit Quiznos in Alabang Town Center and get feastin’ without expanding 😉