The Beautiful Gift Called Perspective


“If you really believe that God loves you and wants the best for you, you must believe that everything is working toward the greater good in your situation. Because it all does, pure & simple.” – Michelle McKinney Hammond
Today marks the first day of August. In a blink of an eye, we have gone the first seven months of the year and we are already gearing towards the ber months. But before all the rush begins, allow me to reflect on the first seven months of the year, the seventh one being my birthday month.
What was the first seven months of 2015 like for you? Was it excruciating? Exciting? Painfully boring? Or was it exactly the way it always has been? I’m quite sure that you have met new people and also let a few ones go. I’m pretty sure you laughed out loud and cried out in pain. I’m assured that none of the days you have experienced were the same despite the fact that your routine has not changed. You may have picked up new hobbies, dropped old ones, and even fulfilled your resolutions at the beginning of the year.
And if you’re anything like me, I’m pretty sure that as you reflect on your year, you couldn’t help but look back on the events that have made your heart cry more than focusing on the happy memories of this year. Don’t feel bad, it doesn’t make you any less human, in fact, human beings are known to focus on the bad instead of the good. It’s a bad habit we can all quit if we work on it consciously and consistently.
Without boring you with the details, I would be brave enough to say that 2015 so far has been a year of transformations. As I look back on the first seven months of the year, I couldn’t help but revel at how many prayers God answered but at the same time, also gawk at how those very prayers were nothing like what I expected them to be. As cliché as it may sound, it’s true when they say that sometimes God gives you exactly what you want to show you that it’s not what you need.
It’s all about perspective. We can constantly whine about life’s undesirable moments or we can choose to look at it from another perspective. Often when we are betrayed or when we are placed in situations that are uncomfortable, we often whine until we realize that we won’t get out of there until we learn the lessons. So it’s important to see it from another perspective: maybe the betrayal was God’s way of waking you up to the reality of the situation. Maybe it was also His way of making you appreciate everything you have neglected for the people who were not meant to be in your life. Once you get past the pain, it’s important to dig for the lessons, because that’s where the real treasure lies. Don’t waste a painful situation by missing the lessons, move forward in faith, knowing that God uses every situation in your life for good. So forgive and move forward, only the best is ahead, all you have to do is to look at it from a different perspective.