The Beauty Project


I’ve been waiting a long time to find an avenue to write to girls all over the world and finally I have one.

If there’s one thing I wish to say to women everywhere, it’s this: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE.

It is something that women are bombarded with on a daily basis but then its truth is drowned out by the battles we have  with men, other women and mostly with ourselves.

You do not need to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel in order to become beautiful. You don’t need to have perfect grades either. 

Beauty comes from the kindness of your heart, the depth of your soul and the intricacies that make you who you are.

And most importantly, we need to learn that we don’t become beautiful by belittling other women. 

As women, I wish we would stop thinking that other women are the enemy. We are in this battle together, so why not stop unclenching the claws and start helping a sister out?

If anything, we become more beautiful when we radiate and bask in other women’s success. 

Enough of this culture wherein we feel threatened by one another and we must jumpstart a culture wherein girls encourage each other and celebrate each other’s uniqueness. 

We must learn to understand that celebrating another’s beauty doesn’t take away our own.

It’s time to take our eyes off each other and instead hold hands and look towards the same cause: empowered women!

Enough of women who are weak and afraid of their own reflection on the mirror. It’s time to encourage other women instead of tearing them down.

It’s time to stand up for a new generation of girls who no longer fear their waistlines. 

It’s time to raise a generation of women who no longer constantly wonder if they are beautiful but believe it wholeheartedly and infect others with it. It’s time for women to step up and stand up for what they believe in.

And this dream starts by believing that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, no matter how much you have been scarred or how much you have been damaged. 

By loving yourself, you are able to create a strong sense of self that is key to ultimately changing the world.