the best damned thing


The best thing is knowing that every smile, every sparkle, every thought, every idea is meant for you.

That maybe, just maybe, this brilliant person was sent for you and only for you.

And it’s a WONDERFUL feeling because eversince my fascination with everything Hilary Duff (you know those movies where she always ends up with the good looking british dudes), I’ve always imagined myself being in her shoes: you know the not cheerleader-getting-the-guy-that-was-really-meant-to-be-with-cheerleader.
But it’s more than that, it’s knowing that through all the shitty things that has happened before, you’d gladly do it again because it led you to this moment with this person.
And i’m not so sure about it lasting forever because I’m only 21 but this feeling of being appreciated for who you are and no one else is amazing.
It’s simple, not complicated and for the first time in my life, I’d like to leave it at that.
It makes you happy so just go ahead and enjoy it.
And it does make sense to enjoy it because it’s something you’ve been waiting for for quite sometime now.
It just proves the miracles that God can do and it really has nothing to do with how I look, which part of the world I’m in or what i’m wearing.
The only question is really is if it’s part of His will and maybe for this moment in time, this lucky time I get to spend with this person is meant to be enjoyed and nothing else.
It does pay to dream well.