The Blame Game


Earlier today, I tweeted this:

"Everything is an experience. Bask in it. Don't allow anyone or any experience leave you bitter. All with a purpose. Love, love, love."

Children, in general, love to play the blame game.

They NEVER admit their faults and are often resolved to pointing fingers. Children constantly look to others to justify their mistakes.

However as we grow older, we are taught to own up to our mistakes and slowly, we learn to admit that it was us who "accidentally" broke mom's favorite vase or who finished all the cake at 12 MN.

It starts with admitting the little mistakes then our parents expect us to own up to bigger, more complicated mistakes once we leave the playground.

But in reality, owning up to our faults get more difficult in time.

Our bad behavior and our lives' bad decisions are often the result of what someone else did to use. We blame our churches, our government, our parents, the friends who hurt us and the boy who cheated on us.

We scream that we are left so broken by others that we don't have any other choice but be sullen, angry and destructive all at the same time.

We choose to deliberately become depressed or take pride in our brokenness and yet choose to blame others for it.

The truth is, we can choose to be sullen forever or we can choose to move forward. We can choose to play the poor me game or we can choose to say "yes, I did make a mistake, let's see how I can improve myself."

And this is especially true for people who have hurt us.

We can drone on and on about how we don't deserve to be treated that way — yada yada yada OR we can choose to step out and say, "It's okay, I forgive him (lagi na lang him?!). There's a lesson to be learned. I'm better because of it."

Because seriously, this dude (or dudette) already broke your heart and you've already wasted your time, will you continue to give that person power by always being depressed over something that obviously was not meant to be?

Yes, you are still being controlled by that person if you continue to make choices based on how sad you feel. STOP IT!

Yes! Cry all you want but darling, there's a beautiful life ahead of you!

Your family, friends or special someone may have hurt you in the past but God wants to redeem you and restore what has been lost! He wants to heal your heart to make you better, not bitter.

If you would only take the moment to let go of the broken pieces in your life, you would see God's hand cleaning your wounds and healing you into an entirely new being with no more baggages and no more false hopes or expectations.

Believe me when I say that once you experience that goodness and that joy, you wouldn't want to blame anyone for anything but actually thank them for the experience.

You would also praise God because He did have your back after all and everything was going the way that it should.

So just in case you find yourself nursing a broken heart today, cry and release it Him who can take better care of it.

Remember that when God takes something or someone away, it was never His intention to hurt you but actually save you from more pain.

God loves you deliriously and one day, He will entrust your heart to someone who can take the best care of it.

And unlike our past choices, His choices will never leave us scarred.

Just trust Him and remember that, "All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord!" (Romans 8:28)

It's all good! 🙂

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