The Contentment Pickle



Isn’t it such a wonderful thing to have?

That whatever the circumstance, whether you have a lot or little, you stand strong in knowing that you are okay because you have Jesus on the inside.

However in the middle of a bad hair day, a little too tight jeans and crying kids your eye scans through your Facebook/Twitter timeline and just like Angelica Pickles, your world just explodes and you shout in exasperation, “WHY DON’T I HAVE THAT KIND OF LIFE?”

You know the kind of life where your hair can just fall perfectly into place after a good shower, where your clothes all fit perfectly well, where everything you do just comes by so naturally and where you are engaged to the man of your dreams.

The kind of life that most of us could only dream of and yet there are people who are actually living your dreams without breaking a sweat.

It could be just one of those days, but in truth, these days, no matter how much we try to conceal it, do come.

And sometimes it is extra difficult to get through them especially when everything else in our lives are not going okay, but let me tell you one thing, the more you dwell on another’s perfection makes you feel worse, not better.

Truth is, none of us truly deserve the blessings that we have, that’s why they’re called as such. And second, we really don’t know the story behind the smiles and the so-called “perfection”. We don’t know the tears they cried behind close doors and the prayers they desperately prayed during times like they felt like giving up.

The thing is, when we constantly compare our lives to that of others (yes even the ones on TV), we will always fall short. We will never have enough and our lives will always pale in comparison. It is best to remember that people always put their best foot or instagram photo forward in social networking sites and we don’t know the things that they go through on a daily basis.

So the best way to avoid to get into this pickle is to take the time to close your eyes and appreciate it the things you have that you may have taken for granted– good health, a great family and great friends.

Also remember, God will not give another what is meant to be yours. 

And also, things also look better from our perspective but as they say, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. You are where you are for a purpose and you don’t even know if you would enjoy the life that they have simply because you were not made for it. God is the potter, we are the clay where He leads, we will be fulfilled.

So stop worrying. Things will be okay.