The Fat Protocol


The holidays were a joyous time of eating, sleeping in and just devouring every dessert given by friends and family so it shouldn’t really be a surprise when a person receives a “you’re so fat!” comment.

Especially when one has been working hard to eat right and run more but the truth is: it stings and makes one want to run away and hide away until she becomes skinny again – which seems to be the only acceptable way to look in society.

But then again, why should they?

Even after all the media attention on eating disorders and the like, ordinary citizens like you and me still find the need to taunt each other by relaying how fat we’ve gotten and subconsciously saying that we have no use on earth just because we gained a couple of lbs.

It may be an extreme way to look at it but really why do we destroy another with our rather useless comments? Do we think that this person doesn’t own a mirror and think it’s our divine responsibility to tell them of what they already know?

Or do we do this because we want to feel superior by putting down another? Isn’t this another form of bullying?

Is this our way of gaining power? Do we ultimately feel good about ourselves when take away someone else’s self-esteem?

Why do we taunt people who are in a bigger dress sizes? Aren’t they people too? Don’t they like the same things we do? Don’t they cry over the same things we do?

And who are we to banish them as ‘unworthy’ of being loved just because they are NOT a size 2? Why do we obsess about looking like Victoria’s Secret Angela and think that if we don’t we somehow fail?

Why must we constantly make one feel ashamed of their weight? Why must we constantly dictate about another what they do or don’t deserve?

Why do we spread hate by spitting vile things such as that comment from above?

Why do we never say kind things? Isn’t a person’s beauty based on how kind they are or how gentle they are with others?

I don’t know about you but a comment as loaded as a “you are so fat!” must be thought of carefully. So the next time you spew one so insensitively maybe you should consider all the questions above.