The Holiday That Changed My Life


Most of the things that change our lives do not come with a package labeled “something that will change your life” but instead it often comes in something messy or something we totally dislike.

i was 20 years old and was in the middle of a highly demeaning relationship, it was normal to be called fat or to be called unpretty or unworthy.

I was definitely not the prom queen or the beauty queen, i was the fat girl in highschool and even though the baby fat eventually melted away, that insecure girl was hiding away underneath ready to attack.

I was lost and broken when I was tasked to teach English to 8 eleven year old Korean nationals over the Christmas Holidays in 2008.

I was meant to teach them but in reality they taught me and healed me in ways they couldn’t even imagine!

God sent me those eight angels to teach me how to love unconditionally but most importantly, they taught me the blessing of being loved unconditionally as well.

I was loved because of who I am and not how I looked. For the first time in my life, I felt completely comfortable with who I am without worrying about my weight or how I look.

The three weeks I spent with them changed me because I loved and sacrificed for someone just because i wanted to and not because I was seeking for love in return.

God used that period of my life to allow me to see that my worth is not based on the superficial things we are being fed everyday, instead God wanted me to see me as the person He created me to be.

It sparked a journey for me to begin to help other people and love them without seeking for anything in return.

God made me realize that in Him, I am complete and because of this I stopped relying on other people to take responsibility for my own happiness.

And although I have not arrived yet at my destination, I am no longer broken and because of this, i can now share genuine love with those around me- something that i’ve never done before.

All it takes is a single step.

A step to turn away from something destructive and into something beautiful.

I pray you step into the better path today (its something you can choose! believe that!) and I hope that it leads you to greater things.