The Island Fling


I just came from an awesome two day work event at Lagen Resort in El Nido, Palawan. And while it was for work, it was good for me to get away from the little stresses of Manila and just press the reset button. 

Without having to explain myself, I’m glad I had those three days away to think life through and to appreciate God’s glorious creation. It put things in perspective, and realized what I was yapping about was insignificant. 
In a way, it was an answered prayer of all sorts. I got to witness and experience pure, untainted love in its best form and experienced a lot of firsts: kayaking, wearing a bathing suit, and jumping into the open sea. Most of which I never thought id have the courage to do. I also met a lot of interesting people and realized that who I was asking God for wasn’t even close to who He wanted me to be with. But for now, that doesn’t matter. I suddenly had a hunger to search for beauty and to travel. It changed my perspective and boy am I glad! 
It’s like my previous way of thinking has shifted and I am more than happy to step out and create a new, happy chapter in my life. 🙂 
Thank you, Nivea! ❤️
Sharing a few photos, though they would never ever do it justice 🙂