The Magic Touch of Lana Johnson


I don’t know about you but one of my favorite stories to hear in the entire world is that of other women succeed. There is just something magical about women who are able to stand on their own two feet and being able to win in all areas of life. Not only is it inspiring, it is also aspirational in a sense that if she can do it, I believe I can do so too. Unfortunately, we live in a society where women are taught to pit against other women, as if there is a shortage of success when in truth, there is more than enough success to go around especially if we learn to celebrate one another instead of constantly putting each other down.
This is the reason why I enjoy hearing about strong, independent, powerful women and why I am excited to share with you the story of powerhouse publicist, Lana Johnson. I met Lana through boyfriend and business partner Shawn Weinstein (who couldn’t stop raving about his super girlfriend) and was in awe with all of her achievements in the field of Public Relations. Lana is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Head Publicist at WJG Asia. WJG Asia was launched in 2012 and have been successfully handling big time clients including Victor Consunji since then. Lana is known for her foresight and her ability to bring attention to her clients and their respective clients.

Lana, who used to dabble in TV shows and movies while also pursuing a full-time job in Marketing and Advertising, graduated with a degree in Marketing from an International Correspondence School but the different way she views things can be attributed to the environment she grew up in, “My father was an expat so I grew up traveling to different countries every few years, mostly in Asia. We would always come back to the Philippines as this is where my Mom is from.”
She also admits that from the moment she was a young girl she has always been inclined to focus on a career that involves both communication and marketing which is why it is understandable that she chose PR.
When asked what it was like to be a publicist in Manila, she was quick to share what her days are like, “My day starts with a quick work out, I will have my coffee then attend to my clients. Whether it be a shoot, setting up details for a fashion show, sponsorship meetings, PR meetings for new or existing clients. Once the details are completed, I will then attend events with or on behalf of my clients in the evening. I truly enjoy working with clients who express what they want and let you have your own approach on how to get it done.”
For her the definition of a 21st century independent woman is this and what it takes to be one, “Our generation has allowed women to succeed even more in various fields. Set your goals, pursue them, and don’t be afraid to fail.”
And this advice she takes to heart since she will now also pursue an accessory business that is set to launch not just in Manila but in California as well. She also goes on to say that aside from adding celebrity clients to her roster, she also dreams of producing a documentary or a short film to “raise awareness in regards to women’s rights and well being is extremely important to me.”

Truly the only secret to being a superwoman is knowing that you already are one and in celebrating the success of other superwomen as well.