The Quarter Life Crisis


Believe it or not, it was Kate Bosworth who introduced the term “quarter” life crisis to me. It was in 2006, and she blamed her break up on being “lost” because she was 25 and unsure of what life meant to her. I immediately announced to my best friend that I, too, was going through the same thing with which he replied, “You’re 18.”
Fast forward to seven years later, and I realized that once again, my 18 year old self didn’t know what she was talking about.  It’s the middle of a hectic Wednesday as I write this and I am overwhelmed by things to do, bills to pay, and life in general.
On most days, my little sunshine attitude wins. I see life as a big party full of rainbows and butterflies, but on tough days like this one, I couldn’t help but ask, Is this the good life they promised? Is there more? Is wanting more considered entitlement? When do we say we’re okay and we can stop chasing the proverbial trophy of life?
Belonging to the generation that was told from the moment they step inside their first classroom that they can “achieve” anything they want as long as they set their minds to it may have a few repercussions. By saying that the world is ours, do we constantly search for something more and lessening the chances of actually having a simple, contented life? And is a simple and contented life something to be ashamed of?
With the world in our fingertips, and travel more accessible than it has ever been, am I missing out because I’m not taking advantage of what’s easily given? As the first generation to be fully immersed in this fantastic world of technology, are we losing grip of what truly matters in life? Are we mindlessly chasing the abyss of trips, higher paying jobs, and social media chatter just because it’s something never experienced before? Everyone keeps telling me to “live free” and “travel”, but at the same time, my attempts to do so are thwarted by bills, and other “adult” life matters.
I experienced my quarter life crisis a year ago. I was in the middle of the perfect day job, my dream job, if you must. I was an educational therapist for children with special needs, a college professor, and was on the verge of putting up my own department when I realized that I was spending more time daydreaming about where I should be instead of enjoying where I was.
It definitely was the change I needed, and suddenly, all of my questions vanished. And today, even as I face tough days, I no longer question my purpose, and it makes waking up everyday worth it.
Often, when something in our gut tells us that we need a change, we often do and since we are at an age where we still have time to change it, despite the challenges, I believe we should. I believe that since we are the generation that was told that we can do anything, we might as well nip the bud and go for it.