The Tempting Mrs. S


I love desserts. 

If you we are friends on any of my social networking sites, you would know how much I love food (thus making it harder for me to do planks! ha!).

Another thing I love is catching up with old friends and this is the reason why writing about this blog entry is exciting.

I met the then Nouelle Paz (now Sanchez!) on the first day of Sophomore year where were both new students. As new kids, we were instantly voted to become President & Vice-President of the class respectively and we also became instant friends! We used to hang out in my house after school talking about the most random stuff.

While we lost touch when she moved to a different school, we reconnected again on Facebook (see, it does have its perks) and I was surprised to know that she is now a mom to three year old Ry & a wife! The last time we saw each other she was in Marketing and Promotions but now she has started her own business baking and selling my most favorite thing in world: DESSERTS!

Fondant Cake
Her famous Red Velvet Cupcakes

Golden Cups indeed! Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes!
Rainbow Cups

Nutella Goodness!!!

Mrs. S (dervied from her last name, Sanchez!) started out as a hobby for Nouelle. What I didn’t know about her is the fact that she has loved cooking & baking even as a youngster and she recalls using it as a time to bond with her mom and lola. After baking her first cake for her daughter, she then took lessons from The Maya Kitchen to learn the basic fundamentals of baking. She also says that most of the technical stuff she learned was from her patient chef friends!

Nouelle also shared with me that being a mom, wife & entrepreneur can be challenging (Let me just say we have gone a long way from talking about Britney Spears to talking about motherhood!) but she manages to mix both by including her daughter in her baking activities. Nouelle also says that while she enjoyed her first three jobs & even her first two businesses, she knows in her heart that baking was something that she truly loves & enjoys doing. For one thing, her creativity is challenged and she absolutely loves researching for new recipes online while adding a twist of her own. She also finds it inspiring to serve people with treats she made using her bare hands.

For Nouelle, what makes Mrs. S unique is the fact that it blends beauty & taste all at the same time while not being extremely pricey. Nouelle is also quick to note that she loves getting to know her clientele in order for her to add that personal touch.

Nouelle & Her Family

Aside from her thriving business and yummy treats, what inspires me about Nouelle is her faith in God that has grown over the years and it is inspiring to see her with her family.

I love success stories and I believe that Mrs. S is only beginning!

I know you want to get your treat now, so go click here or call 0917.602.3051 =)

Happy Eating!