The Truth About Hope



It is ultimately my most favorite word in the world and whenever this word is mentioned, I instantly get kilig on the inside, knowing that speaking the word alone is powerful.

Joyce Meyer said that the only way we can have faith is if we have hope — hope that things are going to get better and hope that our future is better than today.

It is sad to note that so many people fail to have hope simply because their circumstances have become so dire and no matter where they look, there is just darkness.

Unfortunately, most of our fellow Filipinos face this kind of sadness and hopelessness on a daily basis simply because they can’t get the proper healthcare that they deserve. And healthcare is something that everyone should have the right to, but then since we can’t correct that problem ourselves, it doesn’t mean we can’t help.

I’d like to think that more than anything, the best gift we can give others is the gift of hope and while it may be such a daunting task, it really isn’t.

You can even begin with the P100 in your pocket at this moment. I have written about this effort that I am truly passionate about in The Manila Times but I would just like to share it with you again.

Tito JB Baylon, the effort’s largest proponent, tells us that a hundred may be a little, but collectively it could impact a lot of lives.

And that is something.

We may be just one person but if we put our faith out there that our act of good will do someone else good then I believe we are creating a positive spirit of hope that could greatly affect the country in the years to come.

Imagine, just by skipping one Starbucks drink you can actually save a life. Meaning someone’s child, someone’s parent or loved one gets to live just because you sacrificed a hundred pesos once.

Hope is such a beautiful thing to have and a beautiful thing to share. I can imagine how lighter our side of the world will be if we begin to open up our hearts and be a person giving hope.

I believe that hope, though intangible, is one of the greatest forces that can create positive change in a person and eventually, in a country.

And come to think of it, the price to pay for hope is very minimal, it all begins with your desire to create good in the world. It all begins with YOU, not a legislator or anyone else, but YOU.

So with that challenge on the table, I would like to ask you, how are you going to use that power today?

Are you a Person Giving Hope? Photo Credit: Cris Nieto

Here are ways you can help. Photo Credit: Cris Nieto

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