The Two Mentors of Christmas


Almost every successful person has this advice for any straight out of college student, “surround yourself with people smarter than you are”. 

I have been blessed to meet two of my life’s greatest mentors in the person of Yay Olmedo and Grace Chong. I have been writing my entire life but learned about the discipline and structure of writing when I had them both as my professors. To this day, I still message them from time to time when it comes to making sure that my work is acceptable. 
The student in me would constantly ask, “Would Ms. Yay and Ms. Chong approve?” 
I believe I wouldn’t be half the writer or even half the person I am if I wasn’t mentored by the both of them. They have taught me lessons not just about my profession but life as well.
They’re both inspiring individuals who gladly share their knowledge to others through the books they pen, the most recent of which: Now That You’re Boss by Ms. Yay and Grace at Work by Ms. Grace. Both books are available at my favorite bookstore, OMF Literature. 
That piece of advice is true listen to people smarter than you are because they are the ones who truly change your life for the better. 

Thank you Ms. Yay and Ms. Chong for all you have invested in my life. May you continue to be blessed.