Twitter, you were missed…


… So I went old school and wrote in my mini-diary so I could post it. Not one single moment was missed!

October 04, 2009

7 am

“on the plane! left at exactly 6:30 whoot! i wish i could tweet on the plane, i’m pretty excited :). i know that when i get back i’d be a little different because every experience is meant to teach us :)”

3 pm, Queenstown

“On the bus to Anchor’s Point. Had my money changed and took the MRT! Commuted almost ten bus stops all in all! Nakakaloka! sana worth it si Charles and Keith. Feel so proud I was able to commute by myself”

4 pm, Ikea

“i finally got to anchor point! Bought 2 pairs. we’re having dinner at Ikea! almond cake, chicken and meatballs–yum!”

7 pm


8 pm
“hella tired! I need to save my money until Tuesday!”

8:01 pm

“Jaiza, where are you?”

October 04, 2009

9:35 am

“morning imaginary twitter! had breakfast! so many pinoys working at the hotel and i’m extremely full!”

2 pm

“cheap finds! on my way to lucky plaza”

5:29 pm

“At the singapore indoor stadium. Orchard road, you are not cool! ! !”

5:45 pm

“i don’t miss you, i just miss the illusion of you and me”

10 pm

“at home, watching THE EYE. ps: drinking water from the tap still feels weird!”

October 05, 2009

8:45 am

“breakfast was the same, on the way to sentosa!”

10:45 am

“on top of the sky high tiger tower at sentosa. i love my life! ! !”

1:10 pm

“carl is shoe shopping, ang tagal! can’t believe we’re going home tomorrow 🙁 super tourist-friendly ang mga tao, i love it! Thank you, derek!”

3:10 pm

“officially out of cash. WORTH IT!”

3:20 pm

“i still want a wallet though :((“

3:21 pm

“it’s true, what you want at eighteen isn’t what you want at 21”

5:45 pm

“i got a wallet! shopping experience is complete! but i think some customers are rude to the salespeople”

6 pm

“dinner!! i noticed that the grungy bad boy types are the ultimately good and sweet ones”

6:01 pm

“i think it’s impossible for me to go back to manila unchanged”

6:02 pm

“good sweet and sour fish! you got me, sawa na ako sa duck!! Last night in singapore. Thank you for being lovely!”

6:30 pm

“pocket money is never enough :((“

8 pm

“Last night na 🙁 I will miss you, Singapore. Now watching My Wife and Kids”

October 06, 2009
2 pm

“going home already :((“

2:45 pm

“waiting for the bus to take us to the airport. Thank you for the opportunity. Suddenly everything i built my life on is meaningless”

6:30 pm

“ayoko umuwi! ! ! you were lovely, singapore. i will miss you”