Today was a good day. It has been awhile since I said that.

But the days in between where I was delusioned, annoyed, hurt and challenged didn’t go to waste.

I once again dusted myself off, picked up what I had to learn and just trusted that something good will happen in spite of it.

So many realizations and so much that would fuel my growth, but how I wish that along the way to yet again to another mount of self discovery, that I didn’t lose special people.

The price you pay for growing up is quite expensive: usually in order to get out of your comfort zone or in order for God to bring you to a higher place, you have to let go of certain things and certain people.

Which hurts and sometimes, you wish it doesn’t have to happen but for some unchartered reason something good falls apart before your eyes and before you know it it’s gone.

And you become a wreck because you held on to that beautiful thing with dear life without even realizing it, you only do when you see the hole that it has left.

it becomes a struggle to deal with for awhile because you don’t want to let go of it, but God does take it away for a reason because without it, you’re no longer boxed in by unrealistic expectations.

You know there are days when you just want to settle because it feels good, you forget that God has something better so we should never really settle. But we forget that, we forget it’s essence.

Raising the bar means letting go of things that weigh you down and believe me on most days it’s the good things that weigh us down simply because we get comfortable and it becomes our security blanket.

Growing up means dispelling fear and all our displaced securities. It means accepting things for what they are and letting go of what was never truly be in the first place.

Yes it does hurt at one point but it’s worth the struggle when we wake up one day and realize that what we have is even better than what or who we lost.*

Tomorrow may be that day. So chin up.

(*picked that quote up somewhere makes sense, aye?)