when i grow up, i want to be like…


in early 2005, i was a wide eyed sixteen year old and the biggest dork you could ever find, always hiding away behind my books and Hilary Duff movies.

and just like any high school junior, and in the early 2000s, when magazines were a big thing, my classmates and i spent countless hours (often during math class) pouring over models, new clothes that we could never buy and gloating candy cutties who are probably dads now and in those sessions were the first time i encountered my two biggest girl crushes who inspired me to start my own blog: Patty Laurel (dapattylaurel.blogspot.com) and Bianca Gonzalez (iamsuperbianca.blogspot.com/iamsuperbianca.com).
Aside from them being both from Ateneo, i also admired them because their beauty have always seem to radiate from the inside and that was something that magazines and make up could never, ever produce. 
their genuine personalities radiated right through their blogposts, i have never come across women who are so empowered and so positive and because of that it gave me the courage (with the pushing of my guy best friend, paolo) to start my very own blog and so i did.
i’d like to think that part of the reason why i’ve grown up to be positive is because i’ve always admired women who don’t just value style, fashion and the latest trends but also intelligence and just being kind to everyone that they meet.
which is why it is safe to say that it is important for you to admire women who are beautiful not just on the outside but on the inside as well, women who take time to invest in their dreams and strong enough to follow through to take on the world and yet still stay amazingly kind to help those who aren’t quite there yet.
so just in case you do come across my humble blog, thank you to the both of you, though you may never know it, you have inspired one girl to be strong enough to write about her adventures and who continues to write about it seven years later. may you continue to inspire other girls through your writing. 
and to the other girls reading this: may this blog entry inspire you, in one way or another to celebrate who you are because once upon a time, because these two girls have chosen to take the time to write, have inspired my love affair with writing, something that has become a huge part of my life and for that i am forever grateful, i can only wish to be half of the women that they are when i grow up.