09 Hurrahs for 2009


One day left to the New Year, I’d like to share somethings I picked up on my way to 2010.

1) Hurting People Hurt Other People Too.

— so try to be more forgiving with them. you never know what they’re going through and although it’s not the easiest thing, being kind to them may teach them a thing or two about kindness as well.

2) Real friends love you, no matter what. It’s not how many friends you have, but how many would actually bite the bullet for you.

–when you’re in high school, you want to be everybody’s friend and believe it or not, that carries on to adulthood when you’re earning a paycheck and living responsibly. But this year, i’ve come to realize that having a handful is so much better as to having a room full of snotty two faced bizzes.

3) Just because someone says something negative about you, that doesn’t make it true.

— yes, even if it was someone you love dearly. someone saying “you’re stupid” or any other deragatory remarks does not make you what deragatory remark they have said. you’re so much more than that, so stop believing that lie.

4) Humility is always cool.

— pride gets in the way of so many things and this is related to the nugget above, it really wouldn’t help to try and defend yourself all the freakin time. God’s in control. Let it go. It’s not easy but God does wonders.

5) It’s possible that you’ve met the man of your dreams, only he has to take a detour and meet with you again.

— i’d rather not comment on this and why i included it on the list, but yeah, watch How I Met Your Mother and you’d get it <3

6) Chocolates, dancing and singing off-key are still the answer to everything.

— and i do mean EVERYTHING!

7) If you’re not happy with your job, quit whining and do something about it.

— New Year’s Resolution 2010!

8) The boyfriend look is the coolest thing on the planet.

— Goodbye skimpy clothes! This is the fashion revolution.

9) My Security is in Christ.

— and nothing else, ever mattered again!

Cheers to a wonderful 2010 filled with laughter, hugs and memories!